EELC and CFET urge DEP to enforce environmental justice law upon Camden recycling facilities

EELC partnered with Camden-local nonprofit Center for Environmental Transformation (CFET) to draft comments last month under Administrative Order 2021-25 (AO 2021-25). The first was on a permit application for Camden Iron & Metal’s (CIM) Pier Facility, and the second for Eastern Metal Recycling’s (EMR) Kaighn Avenue Facility, which are both in Overburdened Communities in the Waterfront South neighborhood. Both comments argued that the permit applications, if granted by the Department of Environmental Protection, should include air monitoring to accurately assess and fully address air pollution, especially particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5). EELC and CFET also noted that, since New Jersey’s Environmental Justice Law came into full effect on April 17, 2023, both permit applications, which have not completed the AO 2021-25 public participation process, should be subject to the Environmental Justice Law’s requirements. EELC is proud to partner with community groups like CFET to further Environmental Justice in New Jersey and looks forward to the strict enforcement of the Environmental Justice Law.