EELC attorney Danis comments on the need for evidentiary hearing on Penn East pipeline

PennEast urges new FERC quorum to quickly approve pipeline,  State Impact, project of NPR stations, Jon Hurdle, August 11, 2017

From article, “The foundation first asked FERC to hold a hearing on the pipeline last summer, but the regulator never ruled on that request, said Jennifer Danis, an attorney with the Eastern Environmental Law Center, which represents the Foundation.

The motion for a hearing was based on arguments that the pipeline was ‘self-dealing’ in that it would be selling most of the gas to its affiliates, and that there was no demonstrated public need for the pipeline, Danis said.

‘As FERC now has a quorum re-instituted, we’re asking that, rather than just pull the trigger on a certificate with such a shoddy record, they grant our motion for an evidentiary hearing and take a really hard look at whether there’s any public benefit for the project,’ she said.”


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