EELC files public comments with FERC on Transco’s proposed natural gas expansion project in PA, NJ and MD.

On April 25, 2022, EELC submitted on behalf of the New Jersey Conservation Foundation and the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters these comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) regarding that federal agency’s review of Transco’s proposed Regional Energy Access Expansion (“REAE”) Project.  The REAE Project is an expansion of Transco’s existing natural gas transmission system in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.  The Project would result in significant greenhouse gas emissions (at least 16.62 million metric tons of CO2e) that would create profound impacts on New Jersey’s environment and communities.  Our April 25, 2022 comments (1) focused on helping FERC determine under the Natural Gas Act whether the Project is required by the public convenience and necessity and serves the public interest and (2) pointed out substantial deficiencies under the National Environmental Policy Act in FERC’s analysis of climate change impacts in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for this Project.