EELC helps broker agreement between Bergen SWAN and Suez Water Company

Oradell Reservoir

Last month, EELC helped Bergen SWAN negotiate two agreements with the Suez Water Company, which protect the environment and protect the quality of the Oradell Reservoir’s drinking water supply.

The first agreement involves Suez’s proposed sale of its former headquarters property in Harrington Park. Both the north and south sides of the property border the Reservoir. After negotiations led by EELC, Suez agreed to preserve a large part of the north side as an open space which will serve as a buffer for the Reservoir, and also agreed to add more plantings of native species to the south side, improving its capacity to act as a buffer.

The second agreement involves Bergen County’s proposal to replace culverts on a bridge crossing on Suez property in Closter Borough. After negotiations led by EELC, Suez agreed to require the County to reduce net impervious cover in the area by 0.16 acres, remove invasive species on the shoreline, plant and maintain extensive new native species, and install and maintain inlets that will prevent trash and debris from entering the waterway.

View: Harrington Park letter exhibit

EELC’s  letter on Harrington Park property sale 

EELC’s  letter on Closter culvert replacement