Energy Reduction

EELC is concerned that regulatory authorities are proceeding with large-scale energy projects that not only will have enormous regional environmental impacts but are now unnecessary in light of current energy demands. Further, EELC and its clients are advocating for regulatory authorities to require the best technologies to prevent environmental impacts from existing energy projects in accordance with federal and state law. 

The following are a sample of specific matters that are related to this project:

Proposed Susquehanna-Roseland Transmission Line

EELC has appealed the Board of Public Utilities approval of this proposed transmission line and is awaiting the Appellate Division’s decision. In the interim, EELC is working with Earthjustice to advocate for a reconsideration of the BPU’s approval based on new information about decreased demand requirements. 

EELC and Earthjustice are also challenging related approvals by the National Park Service under the National Environment Policy Act.

Cooling Tower Campaign

EELC is continuing to work with the Network for New Energy Choices and Riverkeeper to advocate for closed cycle cooling requirements and the closure of the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant.