Environmental Groups & Legislators Warn of Kavanaugh’s Environmental Record

EELC Senior Staff Attorney Jenn Danis (far right) with NJ Senator Cory Booker in Brick, NJ, August 6, 2018.

EELC senior staff attorney Jenn Danis joined NJ Senators Booker & Menendez and others to discuss the detrimental effects a Judge Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination could have on the environment. In Brick, NJ, an area hard hit by Hurricane Sandy, Danis spoke on behalf of The Watershed Institute and NJ Conservation Foundation about Kavanaugh’s environmental record on the US Court of Appeals DC Circuit: “Judge Kavanaugh routinely ruled to limit the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to protect our country against what many have called the largest threat to our national security – climate change.” Despite what Kavanaugh’s beliefs are regarding climate change, Danis said he “narrowly interprets EPA’s authority to reach any issues that are not explicitly spelled out by Congress. This will have very bad consequences for EPA’s ability to make regulations regarding GHG emissions and protect against climate change…”