Food, Facts and Fly Fishing

Robin Love, Cinny Macgonagle, Alexi Assmus & George Cassa

Over 20 guests from across the Highlands Region joined EELC at the beautifully restored, historic Raritan Inn on Friday, November 3rd for a day of scintillating conversation and fun.  George Cassa (Alliance for Historic Hamlets), Basil Hone (Citizens to Save Tewksbury), and Robin Love (Residents Alliance for Neighborhood Preservation) co-hosted the event.

We were joined by Bill Kibler, Director of Policy at Raritan Headwaters Association, and Elliot Ruga, Policy Director at the NJ Highlands Coalition, who spoke about the importance of EELC’s continued presence in the Highlands, and how we can work together, under the Highlands Regional Master Plan, to preserve and protect this essential area.

EELC’s Executive Director, Aaron Kleinbaum, provided the group with a short update of EELC’s recent legal success overturning a pollution discharge permit into the Upper Branch of the Rockaway Creek, home to thousands of trout and the source of drinking water for millions of New Jersey residents.  He discussed other work in the Highlands as well and gave a sneak peek about what might be coming up in the area.  EELC Board Trustee, Alexi Assmus, shared a heartfelt story about how she first got involved with EELC and why we are such a vital piece of the environmental landscape.

After the program, guests were welcomed to join in on fly-fishing with guides from Shannon’s Fly & Tackle Shop or join Raritan Inn owner, Bill Asdale, on a tour of grounds.  It was a beautiful day!




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