EELC’s Amicus Curiae motion granted in Meer Tract case

On May 17th, Judge Caposela in Passaic County Superior Court granted EELC’s motion to allow the New Jersey Highlands Coalition to participate as Amicus Curiae, in a case involving the Meer Tract. The Meer Tract is located at Federal Hill, an historically and environmentally important 180-acre property preserved as open space in the Highlands Region, in Bloomingdale Borough.

The Meer Tract provides a significant quantity of clean drinking water to the state every day, and also serves as critical wildlife habitat. The New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council, the state body that oversees Highlands development, has scored the Meer Tract as one of the most valuable remaining open spaces in Passaic County.

Tilcon New York Inc. has set forth a plan to clear 45 acres of the Meer Tract for quarrying, which will significantly degrade the quantity and quality of drinking water from this property, and devastate its habitats. The burden of replacing the Meer Tract’s water supply, of course, will fall on New Jersey taxpayers.

As Amicus Curiae, the New Jersey Highlands Coalition will be able to advise Judge Caposela on the environmental impact of Tilcon’s plan, which Judge Caposela has already stated is an issue of “extreme public importance.”

Read EELC’s brief here: FEDERAL HILL brief 5.3.17 530pm